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About Me

At the high-strung age of three, I was throwing one of my typical tantrums when my mother asked, in exasperation, “Jennifer—who is the boss around here!?”  Without skipping a beat, my young-self replied emphatically, “I am!”  Fortunately, I have learned quite a bit since my terrible-threes, most especially who and what I am…and who and what I am not.  True to form, much of my success has come as a result of my tenacious nature, my unwillingness to do everything I am told, and a refusal to believe what scholars, doctors, and specialists say is impossible…because I have always believed that, with God, all seemingly-impenetrable boundaries can be broken. 

Pices Father and Aquarius daughter running through a field laughing
“For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still. ” -Isaiah