Overcome Fear: Say Yes and Show Up

You can overcome fear.  My good friend Henry Ammar says that when opportunity meets fear…just say yes and show up.  I’ve learned to live by this.

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Recently, one of my friends asked if I would teach her yoga class for a week.  I had never taught a yoga class.  I had no confidence in teaching a yoga class.  In truth, the idea scared me to death!  So of course…I said yes.   I prepared.  Then I showed up.  And I taught the class. 

I can overcome fear.  I say yes and show up.

Keynote Speaker: Say Yes and Show Up

“Fear says, Come closer and see why I am here.'”
-Henry Ammar

Last year, I received an invitation from LDSPMA in behalf of my client, asking if she would be willing to speak for a Media Conference in Provo, Utah.  After informing them that my client was unavailable, they asked if I would be willing to speak instead.  Instant panic filled my entire being.  So…of course, I said yes.  I prepared for three months.  I showed up.  And I presented as a keynote speaker.

I can overcome fear.  I say yes and show up.

This week, I accepted an invitation to be a keynote speaker for an OurTurtleHouse “Come Unto Christ” fireside on YouTube…five days before the event.  [Cue massive adrenaline rush here!]  Immediately, a myriad of excuses crossed my mind.  In an effort to quiet these arguments, I confronted them, one by one.

“You don’t have time.” 
-I can prioritize my time.    
“You’re a fake; everyone will see that.”  
-I am human; just like everybody else.
“You don’t belong.” 
-I am unique and have something to contribute.
“You are no good at this.” 
-I can start here; today. My best is good enough.

Then, of course, I said yes.  I prepared for five days.  Then I showed up.  And I presented “Come Unto Christ” as a keynote speaker.

Come Unto Christ: Say Yes and Show Up

They say that the mind is the devil’s playground, and fear is Satan’s greatest tool.  When faced with fear, my default tendency is to run away, hide, or play dead (i.e., do nothing until the “threat” is gone).  This, of course, is exactly what Satan wants me to do.  In an effort to combat this, I have conditioned myself to do exactly what Satan does not want me to do: the opposite.  

When I feel fear, I walk towards it.  When I’m faced with a challenge that scares me, I face it head on.  I say yes and show up.  Even if I might fail, or look stupid, or be far from perfect.  Even if it’s going to be really really hard.  Because I just might succeed, and come unto Christ in the process.

You can overcome fear.  When you feel fear, face it. Choose to say yes and show up.

But what does overcoming fear have to do with overcoming depression?

Everything. Fear is depression’s fuel; the antithesis of love. When we face the world and all of life’s situations and relationships with love, courage, and gratitude rather than fear, depression withers away. Where Christ-like love prevails, depression can not survive nor exist.

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  1. The talk was amazing. I’m glad you shared that. I wish I had your strength. I can’t show up for my fear. It’s stronger than I am.

  2. I remember watching the movie Yes Man and it changed my life. Because I never did anything I really wanted to do and when I did, I wasn’t really “there.” Everyone needs to hear this message. The crazy amazing things I’ve experienced as a result of this shift was 100% worth it!

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