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Sessions are 90 minutes via Zoom.

Here is a summary of my approach to astrology and what I strive to do:

As a Light-Filled Astrologer, I

1. Believe in God, and that God is the creator of the Universe.

2. Give all glory and credit — for everything — to God.

3. Strive to keep myself in alignment with God, which is unconditional love, light, truth, acceptance, and gratitude.

4. Seek to bring myself and others closer to God.

5. Continually learn from multiple sources, seeking wisdom “out of the best books” through study and by faith.

6. Do not use astrology to predict, or to make claims or promises based on my own opinions or interpretations.

7. Understand that while I may be different from other astrologers, I am not superior to anyone.

*If cost is an issue, please reach out to me at and we can work something out!  I want to offer hope, help, and healing so that you can live your best possible life!!

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