How to Avoid Miscarriage Using EMF Blockers

I didn’t always know how to avoid miscarriage because it didn’t seem relevant to me–until I had two of them! 

overhead view of a woman, sad because she did not know how to avoid miscarriage, lying prostrate on a bed with her hands over her face
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One thing I’ve learned recently is that women are having a harder time getting pregnant these days.  Miscarriage rates are higher than ever and, oddly, going up every year.  I was no exception. 

Struggling to Get Pregnant?

After struggling to get pregnant, and then having another miscarriage last year, I started praying and looking for reasons…why?  I mean, I was “Fertile Myrtle” in my 20’s!  Yes, I’ve aged a bit, but that didn’t feel like a valid reason for my predicament, especially with the massive emotional and physical improvements I’ve made to my health since then.  So I started asking myself (and God): What is different now that wasn’t the case fifteen years ago??  During my brainstorm, I considered the possibility of Covid-19 spike proteins being an issue; it’s quite the controversial topic these days!  Perhaps….  And then it hit me: 5G didn’t exist when I was pregnant twelve years ago.  I also purchased an electric vehicle last year.… 

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EMF Blockers and How to Avoid Miscarriage

When I started digging, I wasn’t surprised to find that EMF radiation is, in fact, linked to fertility issues.  Being solution-oriented, I researched and found some products claiming to block EMF ‘s.  Some of them sounded plausible…but were they legit or a gimmick?  I was finding controversial information both in favor of and against them…but something told me to move ahead.  So I said a little prayer, took a leap of faith, and spent a small fortune on EMF blocking products through

black and grey emf harmonizer square sticker for the car

I also bought a Whole House USB and a Defender Shield for my laptop. (To this day, if I see my teenage son working on his laptop without Defender Shield, I ask him innocently, “Do you want to have children someday?” [Cue son to ‘roll eyes’]

EMF radiation is, in fact, linked to fertility issues

When my EMF Blocking products arrived, I eagerly applied them to the Internet, the cars, every phone, all headphones, computers, and to every human and animal under my care.  I literally went “all out.”  Some might call me a fool…but you know what?  Literally one week later, I was pregnant.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so. 

closeup of a pregnant woman's torso wearing a sweater and forming a heart in front of her with her hands
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