High Fructose Corn Syrup Fairy Tales

High fructose corn syrup fairy tales are the perfect supplement to your child’s education.  We know that every good story has a beginning…so let us begin! 

rows of corn viewed from inside a corn field with the sun shining

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far away, nice government law-makers offered to pay poor farmers a set amount of money for every bushel of corn they could harvest.  Eager to earn record-wages, farmers all around the country grew as much corn as humanly possible.  As surplus amounts of corn were grown, scientists (encouraged $ by the nice government again) were commissioned to find uses for this over-abundant crop. 

Corn Bi Products

Controlled corn-pricing meant that bi-products of this corn were extremely low-cost.  Yay!  As a result, food-businesses began replacing some of their more-nourishing ingredients (who needs them anyway?) with these corn bi-products, making processed food cheaper and better-tasting than ever before!  Due to being highly-addictive, corn syrup — in particular — became an American staple, pushing The United States forward in their pursuit of #1 obesity status in the world (right behind Kuwait and Samoa!  Go team!!) 

american flag waving in front of a government building

High Fructose Corn Syrup Banned

Corn syrup banned?  Not in the land of the free!  Although countries like Canada and The UK restricted high fructose corn syrup, Americans decided they knew better.  They continued to buy corn syrup-laden foods for themselves and their loved ones (especially their children, because that is what loving parents do), and they lived in denial sickly HAPPILY ever after. 

The End…. Or…is it? 

top view of rows of green corn in a field used for high fructose corn syrup

Moral of High Fructose Corn Syrup Fairy Tales

You vote with every food purchase you make.  When it comes to corporations and governments, money speaks louder than words.  So spend wisely, and change $ the world. Before you grab your next snack, remember the best choice of sweetener is: sparingly. #balanceinallthings And when you do choose something sweet, consider using fruit, dates, figs, raw honey, carob, or maple syrup 🙂

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