Bottle Fed Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats are Here!

Contact us at if you are interested in one of our purebred, bottle-fed, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats!

contact information for I'm Aquarius Nigerian Dwarf goats

Visit our Bottle Fed ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Queen Creek, Arizona! Flock ID AZ 3939.

Why are We Different?

A. We breed for what we want, in the following order:

  1. Temperament (Our Nigerian dwarf goats are bred to be SWEET! Nice mammas and daddas=nice kiddos.)
  2. Milk (Our Nigerian dwarf goats make AMAZING milk! It tastes like cow milk–except creamier!)
  3. Confirmation and Color (Our Nigerian dwarf goats have strong pedigrees and are BEAUTIFUL!)

1. Temperament 2. Milk 3. Confirmation

B. We use herbal formulas to keep our goats healthy.

  • Amazingly Healthy Parents=Amazingly Healthy DNA=Amazingly Healthy Offspring
  • Herbal formulas are NOT CHEAP. However, we believe in the superior quality of herbs over synthetic vitamins/pharmaceutical drugs, and it shows in the superior health of our herd.
  • We administer herbal de-wormers weekly (1x/week x four weeks + 3x/week x one week)
  • We administer food-based/herbal vitamins daily.
  • We do vaccinate our mamma goats with the CDT shot before the babies are born

Healthy Parents=Healthy DNA=Healthy Offspring

C. We bottle-feed our babies, which means they are x-tra friendly and can leave (with you!) at any time.

  • Take your goats home and then bring them back to us at the appropriate time to get them wethered and/or disbudded.
  • Review your Goat Care Sheet HERE

Review your Goat Care Sheet HERE

D. Once you choose names for your goats, we can register your goats for you ($10/goat for ADGA fee)

Meet the Mothers!

Bella Luna Hays Anastasia: ADGA Registration ID: PD2217006

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Anastasia

Bella Luna Hays Bright Eyes: ADGA Registration ID PD2217005

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Bright Eyes

Bella Luna Hays Lulu: ADGA Registration ID: PD2217007P

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Lulu

Meet the Father!

Father won Re-Champion this September!!

nigerian dwarf goat re-champion