My Relationship With Natural Living

Beautiful landscape of my relationship with natural living in the forest
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I now have an amazing relationship with Natural Living, but I have a long history with WM. 

There were times when he was good to me. However, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I started questioning the value of WM in my life.  Commitment to WM was beginning to feel very much like a one-sided relationship, laced with narcissistic abuse (“You’ll never survive without me!”) and co-dependency (“I’ll never survive without you!”)  The stark reality: I felt trapped in a relationship without any alternative options! This was mostly because I didn’t know any better, and perhaps I didn’t think I deserved any better.  With time — as is with every toxic relationship — the pain of staying exceeded the pain of leaving. Thus, I made the decision to end my 25-year-long relationship with WM in 2009.

Man and woman holding hands walking towards a tree and a relationship with natural living
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Breakups are the WORST!  And there were definitely times when I thought about going back.  But in hindsight, I realize now that I am better off without WM. For example, I never would have started a committed relationship with Natural Living if I hadn’t left. Occasionally, I run into WM.  When I do, I’m at the point where I can maintain a cordial and friendly encounter, but I still like to keep these encounters as brief as possible.  Since breaking free of WM and starting a committed relationship with Natural Living, I’ve never felt more free; more confident; more ALIVE!  My current relationship with Natural Living is much more fulfilling than my relationship with WM, and I feel unconditional, reciprocated love from my partner.  It really feels good to look back and honestly say, “I appreciate what I learned from Western Medicine, but I don’t miss him at all.”

I don’t miss my co-dependent relationship with Western Medicine at all.

But what does my relationship with natural living have to do with overcoming depression?

We show love to our bodies and minds through accessing, learning, and implementing truth from the ultimate source (God), who operates using natural laws. When we choose to use that knowledge and intuition, using natural resources with prudence and thanksgiving, miracles can result, healing us in ways previously unimaginable.

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    • I truly appreciate that Fredta; I’m grateful to hear that the things I’m writing are helpful to you. And how awesome that you have started your own website! What is it called?

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