At the high-strung age of three, I was throwing one of my typical tantrums when my mother asked, in exasperation, “Jennifer—who is the boss around here!?”  Without skipping a beat, my young-self replied emphatically, “I am!”  Fortunately, I have learned quite a bit since my terrible-threes, most especially who and what I am…and who and what I am not.  True to form, much of my success has come as a result of my tenacious nature, my unwillingness to do everything I am told, and a refusal to believe what scholars, doctors, and specialists say is impossible…because I have consistently believed that, with God, all seemingly-impenetrable boundaries can be broken. 

Some of my experiences and triumphs range from overcoming a 25-year-long bout of clinical depression and anger, poverty, family and criminal court, physical failure and fatigue, chronic health conditions, a humbling experience that gives me understanding and empathy for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, and divorce; opportunities that I now tout as “blessings in disguise.”  An Aquarius by nature, I am a lifelong seeker of truth, a problem-solver, unwittingly resilient, lively and inquisitive, and passionate about learning as much as I can about…everything.  Though it has taken many years of sincere work and transformation (and continues to be a work in progress), that passion now shows in my work, the love I feel and express towards my husband and children, and the enjoyment with which I pursue my life and goals.  As a competitive cross-country athlete, professional musician, and graduate of Arizona State University, I have used the skills I’ve learned throughout my life as a parent, public speaker, firefighter, private trumpet instructor, choir director, life coach, composer, editor, athlete, and social media and website manager.  I have also had the opportunity of working as executive assistant to world-class violinist, Lindsey Stirling.

Jennifer Campbell on a swing outside under a tree

Like many others who struggle with mental disorder, life was extremely difficult for a very long time. I spent most of my early years of life in pain, and I perpetuated that pain in my life and relationships. Yet, though tempting at times, I refused to give up. There were also many — who were pivotal to my success — who refused to give up on me. I am living proof that, with God, all things are possible.  Miracles happen every day. My life is one of them. And so is yours.

It is my hope that the tools utilized herein — gained through many years of faith and sacrifice — will offer supplement to anyone eager to learn, help others to avoid some of the pitfalls I have experienced, provide a path of healing permanently from depression, and give encouragement and hope to those who have none.  My primary, driving belief is that life was designed to be a challenge.  Challenge accepted!