Best Shower Cleaner for Removing Mold and Cleaning Glass

I discovered the best shower cleaner on the planet for preventing and removing mold, cleaning glass, and cleaning grout. You can 100% have a clean shower without ever having to clean again. Yes, really!  This may sound a bit too good to be true…like a fantasy fairy-tale with an unrealistically-happy ending, doesn’t it?  “After years of searching, Jennifer formulated a top-secret magic formula that destroyed all the scum in all the land…and everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after.”  True story! 

Clean blue tile shower after using best shower cleaner for removing mold and cleaning glass
Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

Removing Mold is Gross

I actually didn’t clean too many showers until my college days, when I accepted a job as a maid.  To this day, I’m truly  grateful for that short-lived career, as it taught me three very important life lessons:

  1. I don’t want a big house (i.e., I don’t want to clean a big house)
  2. Dusting is tedious (i.e., be careful what you buy…because owning lots of “stuff” means more dusting!)
  3. MASTER BATHROOM SHOWERS ARE GROSS!  How 1-2 adults manage to plaster 10-12 layers of skin to the sides of their shower-stalls in the span of a week, I’ll never know; because the kids’ bathrooms were NEVER that bad!  Out of necessity, I spent far too many hours scouring the sides of disgusting shower stalls, removing mold and human particulates. The experience always left me feeling slightly contaminated afterwards.  But at least I had my own bacteria-ridden soap scum paradise waiting for me at home, right?

My life changed forever when I saw the words, “Daily Shower Cleaner” on a 32 oz spray bottle at Walmart.  After reading the label, I figured I’d give the merchandise a try.  After a few weeks of dutiful application (“apply liberally after every shower”), I was 100% sold.  My bathing suite felt luxurious!  No more cringing when I touched the sides of my shower stall and, best of all…no need to clean the thing…like ever!   

I was seriously tempted to purchase this product for my clients and save myself the excess work.  But we all know what “apply liberally” means.  Basically, the product lasted about a week, which approached around $20 of my hard-earned money per month.  This was seriously eating into my food budget, which was a big, ‘no bueno,’ for an already-starving college student.

That’s when I set out to find a suitable generic recipe.  Walmart’s “Daily Shower Cleaner” product was, of course, intentionally ambiguous and rather…unhelpful. (Ingredients: Water (Oooo I know that one!), Capryl Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Ethanolamine (Ok just…forget it).  In the wake of this dead end, I turned to the Interwebs and discovered a few recipes, most of which used vinegar as the main ingredient.  However, all test-trials of these experimental cleaning substitutes ended in ‘gross’ disappointment, and I eventually turned back to Walmart. 

Shower Cleaner & Removing Mold Recipe

Be advised: use vodka — not rubbing alcohol — in this recipe. Several years into my hit-and-miss search, I found a website touting rubbing alcohol as the main ingredient for a “Daily Shower Cleaner” recipe.  By this time, I was mildly aware that rubbing alcohol has a nauseating smell and can KILL someone who internalizes (drinks) it. Feeling curious (as is my norm), I looked up ‘rubbing alcohol side affects’ and found that “Isopropyl alcohol fumes can be absorbed into the lung membrane and result in brain and nerve damage.”  Yes! That’s absolutely what I want to be spraying around in the confine of my shower stall (NOT).  And then it occurred to me: Why not use the real deal?  

I know very little about alcohol because I’ve never consumed, but I’ve paid enough attention to know that alcohol is good for cleaning, with a focus on the skin.  So could something less toxic…like, something that won’t immediately kill you — like vodka — clean my shower?  Turns out, there are ALL kinds of awesome uses for vodka that don’t involve ingesting it (more on that later), but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on how it saves me several hundred dollars a year, has multiple uses, and makes my shower shine like new. 

In all honesty, I’ve thought about patenting / producing this product and selling it…because it’s just that good.  Ooooor I can give my secret away right here, right now, free for y’all, just because I’m feeling extra generous today.  You’re welcome.

Bottle of Jennifer's Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner

Jennifer’s Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner Recipe

  • ½ c Vodka (Costco/Kirkland brand)
  • ½ c Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 T Rinse-aid (eco-friendly)
  • 6 drops of Dish Soap (I like Mrs. Meyer’s)


Use a funnel to pour the first three ingredients into a 32 oz spray bottle.  Remove funnel before adding dish soap.  Fill spray bottle to the top with water (tap is fine).  Use liberally on all the surfaces of your shower after each use to avoid the need for removing mold later, accumulation of hard water mineral deposits, and soap scum.  No need to enforce this routine with every family member or roommate.  If you are personally doing this every time you bathe (4-7 days a week), it should be enough for beautiful results and your bottle of cleaner will last much longer!

Cleaning Glass

I’ve never enjoyed cleaning glass with Windex. First off, the smell is just…ew. Second…have you ever spilled the stuff? It leaves a lovely BLUE color on clothes, carpet, and upholstery; or a “children’s-book-worthy” blue puddle in the middle of the floor. (What child, at some point, didn’t believe that the true color of water is actually blue? I’ll raise my hand….) Third, it leaves streaks (isn’t that what window cleaner is meant NOT to do??) And forth, when the wind blows, I feel like I’ve just been showered with agent orange (another lovely color).

Jennifer’s Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner is the trojan of all window products for cleaning glass. The solution looks pretty (clear as clean can be), cuts through grime and dirt, and leaves your windows and mirrors absolutely streak free. What power! #giftofthegods.

The Naked Truth

The need for removing mold from my shower on a semi-regular basis is no longer a dreaded chore. I have never cleaned my shower since discovery and use of this product but my shower looks as immaculate as a model home showroom.  Minor exceptions to this claim: I occasionally “dust” surfaces with my hand / pour water on the surfaces of my bath / shower while I’m bathing to displace hair and dust.  Additionally, I occasionally use baking soda+water+my hand to shine up the shower floor or get rid of rings around the bathtub. I do this about once every month or so, and it’s literally a 2-minute process. Bomb diggity!

Best Ingredients Ever

Note: Though I haven’t personally compared rinse aids, nor investigated the ingredients, nor explored how these ingredients affect the body, I shop for rinse aids that are “bio based” and free and clear of fragrances or dyes.  It may also be helpful to know that vinegar acts much like a rinse-aid and can be substituted as such, but hydrogen peroxide and vinegar do not necessarily mix well (debatable?)  

When choosing dish soap, Dawn is traditionally the ‘chosen one’ against scum of all kinds, but is much too toxic for my taste. The major disclaimer I have about this recipe is to NOT get it into your eyes!  (I accidentally got hydrogen peroxide in my eye once (massively painful). As I was screaming, I saw glass-eye shopping in my future. Definitely one my the less-than-brilliant moments….)

Cost of Shower Jennifer’s Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner

As for cost, a 32 oz bottle of Jennifer’s Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner costs a whopping $2.43.  This may be more or less than what you might spend at the store for a — might I say — inferior product, but I enjoy peace of mind knowing that I’m using top-notch ingredients without added chemicals.  This cost is based on a 1.75 L of Vodka for $13, a 32 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide for $1, Seventh Generation Rinse-Aid for $6, and Miss Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap…which ultimately amounts to a few pennies per mixture. 

Additional Uses for Jennifer’s Miracle Daily Shower Cleaner:

  • Excellent substitute for steam vacuum cleaner / carpet cleaner solution
  • Use as a stain remover for carpet and clothing
  • Awesome deodorizer (Spray directly to surfaces, inside your car, into the air, or into smelly trash cans. Vodka is great for getting rid of smokers house smell!)
  • Use as a disinfectant (Amazing all-purpose cleaner!)

But what does the best shower cleaner for removing mold and cleaning glass have to do with overcoming depression?

They say work smarter, not harder. When I spend less time cleaning, I have more time for other things that elevate my mood and contribute to my life purpose (reading, praying, spending time with my family, pursuing my goals, yoga, preparing healthy food, getting enough sleep).

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